Our foundation in the Netherlands aims at propagating Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's writings in a large scale. As a contribution to the global unity of mankind, while preserving everyone's unique and individual personality as well as every religious or cultural background. Goals:

  • to study the works of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) and congenial thinkers like Alfred North Whitehead in the light of recent developments of scientific knowledge and religious approach
  • to trace how Teilhard de Chardin's work can help us to reach a consistent global view of the Universe and our presence in it
  • to evaluate how far his work can give us a clearer view on our own responsibility for the future of ourselves personally and as part of mankind
  • to support convergent cultural and religious currents or ideas, which could contribute to a solution of the big problems of our world today
  • to make people meet - actually or on the internet - and join the interdisciplinary discussion on subjects like:
  • convergence of science and religion
  • education, economy and ecology
  • globalisation

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