Dear reader,

In September 2018 our foundation and its magazine will have been in existence for 25 years. Although this is certainly a cause for celebration, it should be noted that due to the advanced age of its members the entire board of our foundation feels forced to step down. This means that in September our magazine will be published in this form for the last time. However, since it is our sincere belief that the goal of our foundation drawing attention to the intellectual legacy of Teilhard de Chardin is of the utmost importance, we would very much like others to continue our work in one form or another. Which is why we would appreciate it if we could come into contact with those who are interested in the continuation of our foundation and its magazine and are willing to devote themselves to achieving this. If you are interested in contacting us by e-mail, we will be pleased to invite you to Heiloo to talk things over at our chairman’s home address.

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